#Check the Whorephobia


7/25/20231 min read

In the vibrant world of PoleFit, where artistry and athleticism intertwine, the #NotAStripper hashtag has emerged, aiming to distinguish those who use it from the world of Strippers. While celebrating the beauty of PoleFit, it's crucial to recognize the implications of distancing ourselves from Strippers, as it perpetuates nothing but division and hypocrisy.

As I always say, "It's okay to differentiate for those who are curious; but, it's never okay to be a whorephobe."

1. We use the same apparatus. Strippers use a metal pole. PoleFit uses a metal pole.

2. We use the same clothes. Strippers dress minimally and often in risqué outfits. PoleFit is no different.

3. We use the same shoes. Strippers use Pleasers. PoleFit uses Pleasers.

4. We dance the same style. Strippers execute exotic performances. So too do members of the PoleFit community.

In light of Stripper history (and current events) that paved the way for us to enjoy this activity, it's essential not to engage in derogatory discussions or comments about Strippers. Statements like 'But I don't work as a Stripper' or 'I don't do it for money though' is quite disrespectful. It's crucial to acknowledge that all forms of valid work, including those that involve Stripping and Sex Work, deserve respect and recognition. Rather than perpetuating systems that oppress, let's foster an environment of understanding and appreciation for the various paths individuals choose within Pole.

And again, I say, if you can't partake in Pole without undermining those it originates from, take a hard look from within and choose to be and do better.