Dominating Spin Pole

Improving Sequence Proficiency.


7/23/20231 min read

Yes, to answer your question. The pole does spin, but most models nowadays allow for both static and spinning. So, you get your option to have your pole moving or not.

My 'bread-and-butter' will forever be Spin Pole. Every facet of Pole comes with its set of unique challenges; however, I always found Spin Pole most difficult for myself. Given that I don't like the feeling of defeat, I soon set out to conquer it. Oh, has it been a journey!

I've been humbled in many ways.

I realized I wasn't strong enough. I had to incorporate weight training; and so, I did and lost 20 lbs. in the process, which would've been amazing had my derriere and breasts not left with it. I digress.

I realized my endurance wasn't up to par. I could chose to run for cardiovascular training or challenge myself by stringing longer combinations of tricks together. Since I won't even run for my life, I chose the latter. In no time, I went from a mere 15 seconds if I was lucky, to going minutes at a time without my feet ever touching the ground. But let me not make it sound like it's easy though. It's still a feat even now.

I realized I was a try-hard. I wasn't executing my sequences in ways conducive to maximizing efficiency and conserving energy. I was working so hard going against circumferential forces instead of using it to my advantage, so I changed my approach. I don't purposefully move along linear pathways when executing tricks on the Spin pole. I literally round-out my movements. Lo and behold! My flow improved, and my foundations weren't so rocky.

It's my dream for all students to achieve this; in fact, it's what every Poler usually strives for from the moment they first touch a pole. In all future collaborations with studios, this is the skillset I will bring. #ImprovingSequenceProficiency.