A Key to the Kingdom

My acceptance into @Head Over Heels as a Pole Instructor.


8/17/20231 min read

I'm thrilled to announce the exciting news!

I've been granted the opportunity to serve as a Pole Instructor at the incredible Head Over Heels studio, proudly situated in Longview, TX. Describing the excellence of this establishment is beyond words. The studio boasts lofty ceilings, an array of apparatuses, dedicated spaces for various disciplines, alluring lighting, and captivating melodies. It's a Pole Dancer's ultimate dream realized.

I've returned to my role as an Instructor, seamlessly immersing myself back into the groove. Starting from August 25th, I'm presenting:

  • A #Pole Combos class, where the focus is on crafting extended spinning combinations that elevate you from the ground. The emphasis is on #ImprovingSequenceProficiency, which entails mastering the efficient utilization of energy to maintain a seamless flow.

  • #Private Lessons, offering you exclusive one-on-one time with me to conquer your #DreamMoves, or simply partake in a class.

  • #Parties, designed for you and your friends to relish a distinctive experience during your night out. Expect comedy, crowd engagement, and entertaining introductory Pole routines, giving you a taste of the excitement surrounding #PoleDance.

  • #Workshops, meticulously tailored 90-minute sessions conducted in a group setting. These workshops zoom in on a common challenge faced by Pole enthusiasts: Inverts! I'm offering Inverting Basics and Advanced Inverting Workshops. In these sessions, we will deconstruct the move to its core and delve into its subtleties for both Static & Spin Pole (Beginner & Experienced levels respectively).

After a period of personal reorganization (as we all experience), I'm back and more dedicated than ever. As I often say, "Perfection on the first attempt would render me invincible." Nevertheless, one certainty I hold is my incredible bond with Head Over Heels. The ambiance, the talent, and the sense of community are pivotal in my journey as a Dancer, and fortunately, Head Over Heels embodies all of this and more!

With heartfelt appreciation, I extend my gratitude to Head Over Heels in Longview, TX for offering this wanderer a new haven to call home. This reunion has been a long time coming!