A Friend's Dream Come True

A starting point for Ardore Movement Arts.


7/22/20231 min read

It's official! A good friend has asked me and another for help in creating a community dance space in the city of Chandler, TX. The idea of having a large dance space just 5 minutes from my house is incredibly exciting, and the prospect of immersing ourselves in the authentic skillsets of other artists and instructors makes it even more thrilling.

We began this journey with a meeting and had many takeaways:

A) We have room for improvement regarding structuring meetings. Haha! But, we've learned.

B) A wonderful location has already been nabbed and marked to undergo an epic transformation.

C) One of the key realizations from our meeting was that funding this project is going to be a significant challenge. The unfortunate truth is that we find ourselves lacking in it. I know, I know. Aren't we all? I empathize. No matter what, we're going to need to fundraise to meet our goals.

Takeaway C is why I found myself working in a frenzy on various projects today, with the most important being setting us up with a GoFundMe Fundraiser. And eureka! We've done it! Down to the last detail, everything is worded and set up perfectly (if I do say so myself). The pictures, the story, the budget analysis, and the setup of our Team... it is a masterpiece of a meticulous perfectionist.

If nothing else, you should check it out.

Ardore Movement Arts GoFundMe